We are looking forward to doing business together!
9 September 2017
We are looking forward to doing business together!

On August 9th, under the auspices of future cooperation in the field of advisory services for the feeding of parenting young birds and parent flock, the Company's management team met with the representatives of Alltech company.

The meeting was dedicated to the burning issues of the poultry industry. Specialists of the poultry plant asked relevant questions regarding the crossing ROSS 308. The external consultant, Mr. Aziz Sakrani gave a number of recommendations concerning that crossing. Other most important questions were referred to the feeding of broilers, quality of eggs and raw materials. Following this meeting, Alltech representatives expressed their gratitude to the general director, Beibut Kamalzhanovich, and all the team of UKPF JSC for their organizational efforts.

"We do hope that our visit has been useful to UKPF JSC and your specialists", Aziz Smagulov said, "I would like to assure you of the full support and assistance of Alltech in the solution of any professional challenges of yours as well as in the continuous training of your staff."

Alltech is a world-known leader in animal feeding and health. The Company ranks among the top ten largest global corporations engaged in the matters of animal health. Its core activities focus on the development of the ecologically-friendly science-based solutions to resolve a wide range of issues of the agricultural sector and food industry. With the Headquarters located in Lexington, Kentucky, Alltech has its regional branches and distributors in 128 countries of the world. In addition to that, the Company owns 4 biotechnological research centers and 77 production facilities around the globe.