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Makinsk Poultry Farm LLP is a project implemented within the long-term development strategy of "Aitas" Group of Companies and supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Baiterek Venture Fund, and credit facilities of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Construction of the poultry farm started in the year of 2015 in Bulandy district of Akmola region. The total cost of implementing the project amounts to KZT 45.6 billion, making it the largest investment project of the industry. At present, the company employs more than 800 people.

The first line of the Makinsk Poultry Farm with the annual production capacity of 25 000 tons of the chicken meat has already been put into operation in Bulandy district of Akmola region. The formal opening ceremony was held on September 28th 2018 in the city of Makinsk located two hundred kilometers away from Astana. As part of the festivities marking the celebration of this event, 220 employees of the Makinsk Poultry Farm cooked a special chicken shashlik which length arrived at 223 meters 65 centimeters. A Guinness World Records adjudicator, Ms. Paulina Sapinska, visited Makinsk specially to register the new world record. Information on the registration of the world record is also available at the Guinness World Records official website.

The first production line of the Makinsk Poultry Farm consists of nine operational facilities, including: the hatchery, four broiler sites and each of them has twelve poultry houses, poultry processing plant, compost area, and feedstuffs workshop. The overall area of all buildings hosted within the territory of the Poultry Farm equals to 227 366.88 m2. For the sake of compliance with the requirements of biological safety and environmental friendliness of its manufacturing activities, the company operates high-technology and energy efficient equipment at the stages of hatchery egg production, poultry rearing, slaughtering, and meat-and-bone meal production.

Once the second line with the similar production capacity (25 000 tons of the poultry meat per year) is launched, Makinsk Poultry Farm will become the largest Central-Asian producer of the chicken meat in terms of volumes, having the processing capacity up to 9 000 broilers per hour. The core product of the poultry farm’s activities is the chilled broiler meat. After putting into operation the second line, production facilities of the enterprise will allow satisfying up to 15 % of the overall consumption of the poultry meat by the domestic market of Kazakhstan (national consumption of the poultry meat amounted to 341 000 tons in 2017), which, in turn, will contribute to the reduction of the imported product share to as low as 32.6% against the current 50.4%.

Over and above this, the Strategic Plan of "Aitas" Group of Companies envisages the third line of the Makinsk Poultry Farm, bringing the production capacity of the enterprise to 100 000 tons of the poultry meat per year by 2023. In this regard, the Project will be invested with additional $100 million. The mid-term agenda of the company includes the IPO.

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May 4th was marked by the meeting of Aitas Holding and Akimat of Akmola region
13 May 2019

The team of Bulandy district gained the lead among seventeen rural districts 

4 March 2019

Mr. Yerbolat Dossayev, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, visited the Makinsk Poultry Farm where he learned about further plans of its development and also gave a number of instructions to the heads of governmental agencies in terms of ensuring proper support to anchor enterprises

14 February 2019
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