About company

«Aitas-MP» LLP – is the plant for production of poultry meat and red meat food products. The company was launched in October 2013. Notwithstanding the young age, the company has already proved itself to be a producer of high-quality, very tasty and therefore popular products on the market. Consumers in many regions of Kazakhstan have appreciated and give the preference to product line of «Aitas-MP» LLP.

The secret of company’s success is in application of innovative approaches both to production of sausage goods and carrying out its business in general. Company’s products are made using up-to-date German, Polish and Russian equipment. At that, the entire process system, right up to air and water treatment system, complies with the highest world’s standards.

The same attention is also paid to feedstock quality. «Aitas-MP» LLP – is a unique plant that involves its own feedstock for sausage production – chilled poultry meat. It is as well important that the company outputs products aimed at widely different preferences of buyers. This includes about 80 types of sausages and semi-products.

Approximately 100 people work at the plant. They are high-end specialists who are worried about their business.

Company’s news
AMP sausages make top-twenty best products in Kazakhstan! Studies were carried out by a private study company ISA System which operates in Kazakhstan from July 2005 and is specialized in marketing studies.
11 April 2016
Just two years ago we launched our poultry processing plant at Samarskoye highroad in Ust-Kamenogorsk.
1 December 2015
At the beginning of 2015, «Aitas-MP» LLP presented a new line of cervelats and sausages (Doktorskaya, Russkaya) with better recipe to consumers.
1 January 2015