Our mission

Dynamic development of «Аitas» company group would have been impossible without clear understanding of the Mission, Philosophy and Values of our business. These are the key instruments for each employee of the company in day-to-day activities.

Interaction with colleagues, partners, making of minor and major decisions are based on following the Values and Philosophy. Drive for implementation of the Mission fills our activities with synergy and enables to band the staff together in deciding the most ambitious tasks.

Our Mission - is to change the world for the better by changing business philosophy. Business – is serving the mankind.

Philosophy of our business consists in that our company provides benefit to the mankind, and talents and dedication of each employee come to light in the course of activities.

These values are followed by employees of «Аitas» company group in their activities and everyday life. The values themselves and their interpretation were offered by the staff. That’s why they are close and clear for each of us.

Our values
  • Sincerity
  • Trust
  • Drive
  • Humanity
  • Beauty
  • Sincerity – honesty to yourself. Sincerity comes through the soul independently of requirements that are imposed by other people or circumstances.
    - Our employees are open-mouthed about their opinion, and we are sure that they will follow up words with deeds.
    - We do not deceive ourselves but hold true to ourselves.
    - We freely address colleagues in case of difficulties associated with job, and we are not afraid of asking for help.
  • Trust – is confidence in other person and ability to depend upon the team.
    - We favor every person from the very beginning.
    - By delegating powers, we may depend upon the colleagues and control progress minimally.
    - The flipside of trust – is responsibility. Understanding this, we always take responsibility for our deeds and results of activities.
  • Drive – is positive energy, dedication, enthusiasm and enjoy from the job and any other activity.
    - We love working in the company «hot-eyed» and with a smile, as well as have active leisure.
    - All we do – is with great relish.
    - Doing our job, we realize that we do real work of love, and everyone has internal motivation to move on.
    - Positive attitude to everything helps us to achieve high results.
  • Humanity – is respect for every person, accepting people as they are in spite of their status, and earnest ability to be glad for others.
    - Every person for us – is an individual, therefore we respect our colleagues.
    - We carefully treat people around us, can hear and listen, are ready to show openness to people.
    - Each of us is always ready to help out and confident that we may depend on the same.
  • Beauty – is internal and external value that is expressed in self-development, culture, wealth of the inner world and harmonic deeds.
    - Beauty deeds, love for the job and willingness to make the world more beautiful – are all the internal beauty.
    - External beauty is also important: pretty look, «beautiful» job performed, accepted circumstances around.
    - Think fairly, act fairly, dream fairly!