African adventures or the birth of Aitas Titans
12 April 2019
African adventures or the birth of Aitas Titans

In Namibia, thirteen representatives of the Aitas Group of Companies gained a familiarity with a different culture, customs and, most importantly, people. Spending time discussing the purpose of business in another continent, enjoying the beauties of nature is the key to further effective work throughout the year.

The journey began with Etosha National Park, one of the largest parks in Namibia. Safaris and South African traditional animals – elephants, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and beautiful predators – lions and cheetahs. They also get acquainted with the local Himba tribe, living almost without water and decorating their body with ocher cream.

Our employees managed to visit the Sossufly plateau in the center of the Namib desert. Here is the kingdom of sand dunes. Our traveler had to climb one of the highest dunes of the desert (about 325 meters high). The task seems simple only at first glance, because you need to overcome nine kilometers to the top, and the higher the body weight, the more you will sink into the sand. But nothing is impossible for the friendly team of Aitas Titans!

We share the formula for dune conquest: you need a clear vision of the goal, two hours and a team of real leaders. Most importantly, our heroes were united by trust, sincerity and drive. These values build the Aitas Group of Companies!