About company

"Saryarka Project" LLP is a project company, which is a part of "Aitas" company group, established in 2018 for the most efficient implementation of the group's strategic projects for the design and construction of new facilities, as well as for attracting and implementing new projects in the agro-industrial complex. 

The company's goal for the coming years is to gain experience in order to be competitive project institute in Kazakhstan for the design of agricultural facilities, guaranteeing the high quality of products and services provided.

"Saryarka Project" LLP has licenses of the first category for design and exploration activities.

Main activities:

▪ Research and pre-project preparation, collection of initial data;
▪ Development of feasibility studies;
▪ Development of business plans;
▪ Development of design estimates and working documentation in compliance with the terms and design stages;
▪ Transfer and support of documentation to state examination bodies;
▪ Designer and technical supervision of construction
▪ Functions of the General Designer